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I’m jealous of everyone around you.
The way they can hear your laughter,
See your beautiful smile,
Look into your deep blue eyes.
When you speak they can hear your song like voice.
I’m jealous of the way they can see the wrinkles in your nose when you giggle.
I’m jealous of how they could fall so easily in love with you.
It is so easy to do, you know?
Its so easy to listen to your nerdy jokes.
So easy to fall asleep with you by my side.
The way you play with my hair while we’re talking.
The way you grab my hand and give those three squeezes that only you and I know what you’re saying.
The way you looked not only into my eyes when we first met,
But how I felt you look at my soul.
It was just so easy to fall for you.
I thought you should know.
I’m jealous that other people might have the chance to do the same.
You’re so oblivious to people looking at you.
Flirting with you.
You really don’t know how beautiful you are.
And it’s not a cliche.
You’re like my favorite summer day swimming, and laughing in my head.
You’re like my favorite book,
My favorite song,
My favorite movie.
You’re the one I fell so deeply in love with, don’t you know?
Nothing in the world will ever compare to your beauty.
I don’t want you to be compared to another favorite though,
I want to add you to the top of my favorites list.
You’re my favorite person I’ve ever kissed,
You’re My favorite person I have ever met.

The later it gets at night the more vulnerable I feel. Its like darkness washing in with a little bit of doubt, I drink it down and try to cope. I’m just afraid I’m fighting a losing battle with distance. I’m afraid you’ll get bored of me.

Sometimes I just look at you and wonder, why me? How did I get so lucky?

I hate the way jealously creeps through my veins.
Its like a dull ache, then all of the sudden it’s throbbing.
My head spins at the thought of losing you to something else.
It hurts more than I could’ve ever imagined.
The room keeps spinning and I try to lock eyes, but you keep looking away.
Please don’t break my heart.
Please don’t make me worry.
Please love me unconditionally.
Jealousy keeps tugging at my heart.
I’m jealous of everyone around you.
I need you here.
I need you so much closer.

I’ve never been so intrigued by someone my entire life.
Every smile, laugh, breath my love takes is a gift for me.
To know that I can make her smile,
and take her breath away just by being myself.
That is the best gift I’ve ever been given.
If only she could see the love I have for her in my eyes.
I honestly can say I’m afraid.
Afraid mostly that one day I won’t be able to do these things for her one day.
Afraid that someone else will.
Afraid that I’ve opened myself up to one person like this.
And afraid to say that I am the happiest I have ever been just knowing that I’m her buttercup.
Everytime I see her it’s like the first time I walked into that restaurant and saw her sitting there starring at me through pale blue eyes.
The first time I felt all of those butterflies.
The first time I was so afraid to grab her hand or kiss her, and how she took me by surprise kissing me.
How the first time we made love it was like the first time I had actually connected with someone.
I want this forever.
Yes I’m scared as hell,
But I’m committed to someone and that scares me because it’s actually not that scary at all.
I’m comfortable.
I’m at peace.

Sometimes, I wonder if its still there.
The thing that made you fall for me.
I know I over think things,
But it’d be nice to hear how you fell in love with me.
Just remind me why you love me,
So I don’t fall apart.
Think of me as a fixer-upper.
It’ll take some hard work, and tender care.
But, I promise it’ll be worth it in the end.

"I feel you slipping away from me and it’s breaking my heart more than you know. Please don’t leave my heart upon the floor, I couldn’t take it."
-Sarah Mace

Standing in a brightly lit bathroom smoking a Pall Mall I watched the smoke billow out into the darkness of the cracked window. I felt a sting realizing you were the smoke. I could see the beauty in the way you danced around through the wind but I could never grasp you within my hands. You could be mine but never truly, because beauty like yours is rare. Containing your spirit is impossible. I can only hope that you will linger long enough to know how much I love you, how much I need to breathe you in my lungs. Long enough for you to want to stay. Stay with me, I will let you go anywhere your heart desires just allow me to be the one you lie beside and confess your darkest sins to. I know I don’t have much to offer, but I’ll love you at your worst and never let that fire burning within you go out.

Emily:  Sarah don't you dare hit my ass again, or I'll pee on your bed.
Me:  Don't you dare Emily or I will drink a whole lot of something that makes my pee really yellow and smelly. Then I'll proceed to go to your room and pee on your pillow. That's not all, then I'll dry the pillow and put it back so when you lay down in bed and you're all like, "Yay, I'm going to bed!" You will breathe in particles of my dried pee.
Emily:  .......
Me:  Yeah, that's right.
Emily:  .......
Me:  .......
Emily:  Sarah you're an ass!